Down to Earth – Support with Funeral Costs

Funeral Costs Help

At Scotmid funerals we recognise that funerals can be expensive, and many people struggle with the cost.  We were among the first Funeral Directors in the country to sign the Quaker Social Action Fair Funeral Pledge when it was first launched in 2015, which means that we are committed to charging transparent prices for our goods and services.

The Fair Funerals pledge was launched by anti-poverty charity Quaker Social Action who since 2010 has run Down to Eartha project supporting people on benefits and low incomes who are struggling with funeral costs.

They are there for people in the depths of grief, providing compassionate support to help them reduce costs and raise money from government and charitable sources. Since they began, they’ve supported over 6,000 people across the UK struggling with funeral costs.

They have specific information on the Scotland Funeral Support Payment.

They also works with the government, charities and the funeral profession to tackle the growing problem of funeral poverty.

Their helpline provides free and confidential advice, so if the funeral is yet to happen you can reach them on 0208 983 5055 or email