Choosing the Type of Funeral

Choosing the type of funeral can be difficult. You want the very best for your family member or friend, but – if they’ve not left any instructions or discussed their wishes – it can be hard to know where to start.

How soon you hold the funeral is up to you, there’s no rules about how quickly things need to be done. Sometimes there are religious reasons for holding the funeral within a certain time, and in such cases we’ll ensure that things happen as quickly as possible. Equally, if you’d like the funeral to take place later – perhaps to give relatives time to travel from overseas or to give you more time to make arrangements – this can also be arranged.

The service

One of the first things that you’ll need to consider when choosing the type of funeral, is what sort of service to hold. Many people leave instructions about what they want – some even supply a list of songs they’d like played or specify where the wake should be held – but if they haven’t, then we can help you plan something fitting based on what you know about them. If they were religious this may help shape your choices, as most people wish to respect the beliefs of the person, even if they do not share them.

Of course, not everyone is religious and it is just as important to respect someone’s lack of religious beliefs. If they were not religious, a secular service may be the most appropriate choice – this is easy to arrange and is becoming an increasingly common choice.

Burial or cremation?

Many people make their views on if they want to be buried or cremated clear before they die, so it may simply be a case of honouring those wishes. If nothing has been specified and there are no other factors, such as religious requirements, that need to be observed, it is simply a case of choosing the type of funeral you feel is most appropriate.

If you choose a burial or cremation we are here to help you with all the arrangements, we’ll talk through the options available to you, and answer any questions you may have.