Funeral Donations

Many families now ask people to make charitable donations instead of sending flowers. Whilst many families appreciate people sending floral tributes for their loved one, others prefer to have family flowers only. Everyone will understand and respect this, but they may still wish to do something in memory of the deceased.

Donations instead of flowers

Donations to a charity instead of sending flowers is a great way of supporting the family of the deceased. This request is usually included in the newspaper notice.

You can make donations to just one charity, perhaps one that your loved one supported, or several; it’s up to you. There are no rules about how many charities you can share the money between or what sort of charity they are, as long as they are properly registered.

Online donations

How people make donations is up to you, many charities now allow you to set up an online donations page in someone’s memory. Our online obituary service provided by Much Loved includes an option to set up an online donation.

Donations at the funeral service

If you wish you can ask those attending the funeral service to make a contribution to your chosen charity, if they wish. We’ll provide a donation box at the service. At the end of the service the donation box will be handed to you by your funeral director, so you can make the contribution to your chosen charity.

Please see our Donations Policy for full details of how we manage donation. If you have any questions regarding our policy please do not hesitate to contact us.