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Scotmid Funerals’ Commitment to Education and Support

Scotmid Funerals’ Commitment to Education and Support

We were recently invited to participate in several significant and meaningful events and workshops focused on end-of-life planning. These events aimed to promote understanding and compassion towards those dealing with loss and to support individuals facing grief and end-of-life care. Our team Christine, Andrew, Ian, Danielle, and Hugh actively participated in these initiatives to provide […]

How Much do Funerals Cost?

How Much Do Funerals Cost in Scotland

Losing a someone is an immensely challenging experience, filled with grief and the daunting task of planning a funeral. At such a time, understanding the financial aspects of funeral arrangements is crucial but can often feel overwhelming. This post aims to simplify that for you, providing a clear and concise breakdown and helping you answer […]

What are Direct Cremations, and how do they work.

James Blackburn

Head of Funerals, James Blackburn discusses Direct Cremations Direct cremations have been a topic of discussion in the news and media, with recent phone-ins on BBC Radio exploring the positive and negative aspects of this type of funeral. Direct cremation providers are also frequently advertised on television channels throughout the day. To shed some light […]