Funeral Flowers

It can be difficult to know where to start with funeral flowers, from a traditional wreath to something more unusual. Funeral flower arrangements can be a beautiful personal tribute.

Whether you wish to choose from a selection of thoughtfully designed tributes or create a bespoke funeral flower arrangement. This could include your loved one’s favourite flowers, their favourite colour or spell out a word. Whatever you choose, we’re help you find the perfect flowers for a funeral.

Flowers for Funeral Services 

Flowers are commonly used in funeral services to express condolences, honour your loved ones and provide comfort. These flower arrangements can include anything from small wreaths, sheafs and basket arrangements. To larger sprays, posies and tributes used to drape over a casket or place on an altar during the ceremony.

Which type of flowers for a funeral?

Flowers are chosen for their symbolism, meaning, and ability to convey emotions. White lilies and roses are often used for their symbolic meaning or purity and love. While carnations symbolise remembrance, admiration, and affection. Baby’s breath is often used as a filler in arrangements, its white colour symbolising purity and everlasting love. However, if your loved one is fond of a particular flower it can be a loving gesture to include these within your floral arrangements.

The most popular flowers for a funeral include wreaths, sprays, bouquets and baskets.

White rose and Lily spray

White rose and Lily spray

Should I send Funeral Flower Arrangements?

The majority of funerals feature flowers, but it does depend on the specific wishes of the family. Some families might prefer donations to a charity instead of flowers. If you aren’t immediate family, or organising the funeral, it’s always best to check with the family. You can also check for notice in a newspaper, or an online tribute to find out if it’s family flowers only.

Alternatively, sympathy flowers are arrangements sent to the family’s home before or after the funeral as a gesture of support.

Funeral Flower Card Messages

We have a selection of flower cards in every office, where you can write a personal message to go along with your flowers. Just ask a member of our team for as many cards as you need. You can also obtain these cards from the florist who is arranging the funeral flowers.

Which florist should I choose?

The majority of florists will be able to help you with flowers for a funeral, from wreaths to sprays, and special bespoke tributes. Their websites normally show the styles available, however do ask them if there is something specific you would like.

We work with Williamson Design Florists, who are based in Broxburn and are a respected and experienced funeral florist. But if you prefer to use another company, we can liaise with them as required.

Carnation spray

Carnation spray

Flowers for a Funeral Service 

Including flowers in a funeral service is a meaningful expression of sympathy and support for those grieving. Flowers symbolise the cycle of life, offering a reminder of the cherished moments shared with the departed and honouring their memory in a deeply touching way. As well as providing comfort and a sense of beauty during a difficult time.

These funeral flower arrangements can be left at the graveside following the service or gifted to family or friends as a gesture of love and appreciation.

Wreaths for Funerals

The circle of a funeral wreath is said to indicate ‘Unending love and eternal life’ which why they are used so much in funerals.

There are many different styles of wreaths for funerals, our florists Williamsons can create beautiful tributes, which can be seen on their website, or they can make something bespoke just for your loved one, almost anything can be created, just ask, they will be more than happy to help.

Funeral Wreath

Funeral Wreath