Ashes Urns and Caskets

We have numerous ashes urns and caskets to choose from, from simple classic styles to more unusual designs. You can even opt to have the ashes presented in a number of small ashes urns and caskets or scatter tubes, which can be shared among several family members.

Traditional Wooden Caskets

Traditional Wooden Caskets are the most popular, along with the ‘Heartwood Premier’ range. These caskets are usually used when the ashes are being buried in a new or existing burial plot. Our range of caskets are made from solid oak, with some of them available as ‘double casket’ for two sets of ashes.

Picture Caskets

Everyone is unique, and we believe that a picture ashes casket should reflect the individual qualities of the departed. We also offer a fully personalised service that lets you create a one-off piece of art that celebrates the life of a loved one.

Ashes Scatter Tubes

These scatter tubes come in two sizes and are designed and engineered to simplify the scattering process. The tubes are durable, dignified and simple to use. They do not contain metal or plastic components and can be recycled or composted after use.

Natural Legacy Urns

Natural Legacy urns are made in Yorkshire using wool from British farmers through the Quality Assurance scheme. The woollen felt creates a warm, comforting alternative to the more traditional wooden caskets, and is finished with an embroidered name plate. These urns can be used to bury ashes in a woodland burial plot.

Whether you wish to scatter their ashes, have them interred in a family plot or keep them close to you, there are a wide variety of choices available.

If you plan to scatter the ashes in a place that holds special memories, we can guide you through what you need to consider. We offer a range scatter tubes which have been thoughtfully designed to be dignified and simple to use.

We’re here to help you find the right choice for you, whether that’s a traditional urn or family keepsakes.

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