Funeral Plans Q&A’s

There’s an abundance of funeral plans and providers in the UK and it can be difficult to know which product is best for your needs and budget.

There are a few things to ask before buying a funeral plan.

Please see the list of Q&A’s which may help answer some of your questions, if you have any further question please contact us on 0800 996 1927, or pop into one of our funeral homes.

What is a funeral plan?

A funeral plan lets you arrange and make provision for your funeral in advance. It’s an easy way to get your funeral arranged whilst helping to protect loved ones from rising costs and any uncertainty about your final wishes.

Who can buy a plan?

All our plans are available to any UK resident over 18. There are no medical questions and there is no medical assessment required, whether or not you have any existing medical conditions.

How do you buy a funeral plan?

Buying a plan from us is simple. You can buy in person at your local Scotmid Funerals office – to arrange an appointment please call us on 0800 996 1927.


You can also buy one of our set cremation plans online.


When choosing a set cremation plan, please read our funeral plan Terms & Conditions and Key Features Document.


Please click below to visit the website of Ecclesiastical Planning Services, our funeral plan provider, for information about our set plans and to purchase online.

Who will carry out your funeral?

Your funeral will be carried out by us, Scotmid Funerals we’re part of the Scotmid Co-operative Society, an independent Scottish Co-operative.

Can I take out a plan for somebody else, or a joint plan?

Yes, all of our options allow you to buy a plan for someone else. If you do this you will receive all of the correspondence about the plan and you will have all of the rights to the plan and be responsible for paying for it.


Two plan holders can be named on the Agreement Form, and the plan can be used for the funeral of either plan holder.

Who provides the Scotmid Funeral Plan?

Our funeral pre-paid plans are provided by Ecclesiastical Planning Services Limited which is part of the Ecclesiastical Group.


Ecclesiastical is a specialist, UK-based financial services group which has been protecting people, property and funds since it was founded in 1887.


Ecclesiastical Planning Services Limited is a registered provider with the Funeral Planning Authority and follows its Code of Practice and high professional standards.

What happens to my money and is it safe?

The funeral plans we offer give you exceptional financial security for your money.


So we can deliver our obligations to you, funeral plan pre-payments (minus the management fee) are held in individual whole of life assurance policies with a provider that is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and regulated by the PRA and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).


Funeral plans themselves are not regulated by the PRA or FCA, but our funeral plan provider Ecclesiastical Planning Services Limited is registered with the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA). The FPA is an organisation set up by the industry to regulate providers of UK pre-paid funeral plans.

Does the plan cover the entire cost of the funeral?

The plan is guaranteed to cover the funeral costs listed in the plan details as long as your requirements don’t change and we carry out the funeral.


The plan can also include an allowance towards third party costs such as fees for cremation or burial, medical fees and payment to a minister or officiant. These costs are outside our control.


If these costs, as listed in the plan detail, are not covered by the plan value at the time of need, there will be a balance to pay unless the funeral service are carried out by us. In this case we guarantee that the third party costs listed in your plan details will be met in full.


Please refer to the Terms and Conditions including the Guaranteed Dispersements for more information.

What happens if I move to a different part of the country?

If you move, you should be able to transfer your plan to a funeral director near your new home.


However, there may be additional costs depending on local prices and not all funeral directors guarantee third party costs.


Please refer to the terms and conditions including Guaranteed Disbursements for details or speak to a member of our team for more information.

Can the plan include special wishes?

You can add special wishes and requests such as song choices, readings, information for a eulogy and so on. There is no charge to add these details. There may be more to pay if you require additional features, services or upgrades.

Can I change my funeral plan arrangements?

Yes, you can make changes to your plan after you have taken it out. Just let us know what you wish to change.


There may be additional costs if you add new features and services to your plan.

Can I pay for my plan by instalments?

Yes, you are able to pay over 1 ,2, 3, 4 or 5 years. Please note that there is an additional cost for paying by instalments over 2, 3, 4 or 5 years.


The additional cost is held in the pre-payment plan and used for the funeral when the time comes.

What happens if I pay by instalments and I need to cancel future payments?

If you choose to pay by monthly instalments and you wish to stop paying for any reason, you can either cancel the plan and receive a refund of the money you have paid, excluding the management fee, or you can leave what you have paid in the plan to be used as a contribution to your funeral when the time comes.


And, if your plan is needed before you have completed your instalments, the payments you have made will be used as a contribution to your funeral and your wishes will be clearly documented, giving your family peace of mind.

What happens if I die abroad?

The plan does not cover the cost of a funeral abroad, or the cost of repatriating the deceased. It is therefore important that your travel insurance policy covers this.

I'm a member of Scotmid Co-operative, do I receive any discount?

As a member of Scotmid Co-operative you will receive a discount of £100 against the cost of any of our funeral plans. Just give your membership number to our team when your taking out your funeral plan, and they will apply the discount.

Can I cancel my plan?

Yes you can cancel your plan at any time.


If you choose to cancel the plan up to 30 days from the date of purchase you’ll receive a full refund.


If you cancel the plan after 30 days, you’ll receive a refund of the original amount you paid excluding the management fee.

What if I have a complaint about my plan?

If you have a complaint regarding one of our funeral plans, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please see our complaints procedure.


Terms & Conditions

Please see the terms and conditions that apply to funeral plans.

What to do next?

If you’d like further information on our Funeral Plan or our free planning service, please call us on 0800 996 1927 or visit any of our Scotmid funeral homes.

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