Simple Funeral

The Scotmid Simple Funeral

Our Simple Funeral allows us to provide a caring and quality service at a fair cost. The simple lower-cost funeral comes with the comfort of knowing that we guarantee to provide our usual outstanding levels of care and service.

The cost of the Simple Funeral is £1,590 plus third party costs.

Third party costs are essential services delivered by others, e.g. crematorium fees, that we’ll manage on your behalf, on average last year our clients who used our Simple funeral service paid £830 in third party costs.

What’s included in the Scotmid Simple Funeral

These are the things that we’ll do for you and the deceased as part of our Simple Funeral:

  • They’ll be brought from their place of death into our care regardless of the day or time
  • We’ll prepare, care for and dress them in a gown or their own clothes
  • They’ll rest in our mortuary facility, or if required, a private room in our funeral office
  • Provide a coffin suitable for burial or cremation
  • You’ll be able to visit them during normal working hours
  • We’ll transport them to the crematorium or cemetery in a Mercedes hearse at the appointed time of the service
  • We’ll make all necessary arrangements for a dignified funeral
  • Your Funeral Director will be at the funeral to support & guide you through the funeral

What isn’t included in the Scotmid Simple Funeral

  • There’ll be no choice of the day or time of the funeral, it will usually be arranged for 3:00pm or 3:30pm on  Monday to Thursday’s.
  • Bringing the deceased into our care beyond a 20 mile radius (a mileage charge will apply)
  • Embalming
  • Visiting them outside of normal working hours
  • A separate funeral service or celebration taking place before proceeding to the local crematorium or cemetery
  • Additional transport for the mourners
  • Third party fees – These include fees for the minister, church and crematorium. We ask for a payment of £250 towards these costs at the time of making the funeral arrangements.

We assure you we’ll not compromise our quality of service in any way.

What additional services can I choose?

We understand that while you may want to keep your funeral simple, there may be some additional services you’d like to include.

Our experienced funeral arrangers will be happy to talk through your needs and help you decide on the options that best suit you – we’ll then be able to confirm any additional costs that may be incurred.

As part of our Simple Funeral, the following two options are available:

  1. Additional service option – £395 consisting of:
  • We’ll arrange for the funeral service, celebration or ceremony to take place at your chosen location, day and time before attending the cemetery or crematorium
  • The use of a Mercedes limousine (Seats 3).
  • We’ll arrange for the hearse and limousine to attend your chosen locations before the funeral, and proceed to the funeral ‘in cortege’ as a funeral procession
  1. Embalming – £100


You can download our information guide for our Simple funeral service here.

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